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Self-love & Personal Healing Package

You have spent your whole life caring about everyone else and you have spent most of that time being burnt out and overwhelmed.

Recognising that you need to look after yourself now if you want to continue caring for others has led you here.

It's time to learn how to love yourself enough to prioritise self-care and healing so that you can regain your strength and feel empowered to live life to the fullest, in alignment with YOUR values and beliefs.

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My Story

I have lived a life in service of others, with my working life beginning at 16yrs of age in customer service, followed by starting my family and becoming a mum for the first time at 19.

I had 2 children in this relationship and spent much of the 16yrs that followed walking on eggshells in a toxic environment. We had 2 children together and I chose to stay, with an underlying belief that my children deserved 2 parents in their life, a belief that was so strong that it left me blind to what was actually happening to myself and my children.

I eventually got my ducks lined up and I walked away (that was no walk in the park), I lost contact with my youngest for some time due to my ex feeling the need to have a "team mate" rather than a child. After a year of court cases and many emotions, things started to settle.

My relationship with my children was mostly good (great now) and staying the reliable and safe parent created something of an emotional anchor for them.

I have since re-partnered and found an amazing and supportive man, we have a 5yr old together and life is certainly a world away from where I once was.

Was it a simple straight line? Not even close! I have been working on my own healing journey for many years now, from reiki, to trauma specific somatic (felt/body) therapies and time and space with people who genuinely acknowledged my emotions.

I can now accept and process all of my emotions as they are. There is no such thing as good or bad emotions, although some may be easier to feel.....they are all crucial to live a balanced life.

If you feel ready to start your journey, please request your 1:1 free clarity call so that we can explore together what options we might provide to support your journey. Options create empowerment, and I want to to feel in control and empowered about where your future is headed.

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