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Connected Parents - Calm Children

I SEE YOU and I HEAR YOU because I have been you!

You want the best life for your child and will do anything to help give them that, but you're just so tired and don't know where to start! Your child never came with an instruction book and all of the parenting books and advice you get just confuse you even more, especially when your child behaves differently to the other kids, when communication is a challenge and they respond very different than expected when you've tried using the advice your mum gave you.

Your child didn't come with an instruction book - they are the instruction book and I can help you decode them so that you can start feeling more in control of life again and understand how to meet their needs and create more calm, so that you can breathe again.

Learn the power of connection when it comes to your parenting. Learn and understand more about what your children really need in the moment, and how the way we approach this relationship can make a massive impact on their emotional well-being (this is where the calmer children part comes in)

Over 8 weeks of weekly live trainings, we explore how to create a secure, loving, respectful and safe relationship for your child and how to start better reading what they really need from us.

My Story

My name is Kim and I am the founder of Enlightening Moods!

It is my passion and my dream to help support parents to find ways to parent that supports their own needs and ensures that our next generation grow up without needing to heal from their childhood in the ways we have had to.

I strongly believe that all parents are already doing the absolute best job they can with the tools and resources they have at hand, and offer zero judgement on where you're at.

What I offer is a caring, safe and supportive environment to learn and grow so that you can truly blossom in to the parent you always dreamed of being - you know, the one you thought you'd be until the children actually arrived and complicated things (insert cheeky laugh)

I have been through some challenging times along my parenting journey, with 2 adult children and a 5yr old, I have parented in a toxic environment, parented as a solo mum and parented in a supportive environment. All 3 of my children have had completely different personalities and challenges and learning how to read what each child needs and how to support them has become my super power....and it can be yours too if you work with me.


"I feel so much more empowered to access my SuperPowerZ with more speed, simplicity, and grace! Thank you for gifting me with a huge piece of the Tranquility, Peace and Calm that you generously give to your clients"

"Hey Lovely, Just wanted to say how awesome your 5 day challenge was. I watched every video on replay and you really opened my eyes with trying something new with the connection between me and my children and also with my step children. Thank you thank you thank you so much for being amazing"




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

0412 207 165

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