In Home Family Support Session


Life doesn't always go according to plan.

When we start planning a family, or an addition to our family, we can often have a vision of how that might play out, it could involve camping trips and bush walks like ours did, or perhaps you were going to have a little footy start to kick the ball with, or a ballerina to dress up.

What happens when your child is born with sensory challenges, or poor co-ordination? Perhaps even going to the shops becomes a challenge with all the noise and bright lights, or a child who likes to run....and keep running.

What happens when sleep evades the whole family because our child appears to dislike sleep altogether, falling asleep or staying asleep?

We get tired and snappy, we aren't the kind and caring parents as much as we'd like to be, and our relationships can even begin to struggle.

What you get

5hrs in home support

Use this as a one off intensive visit where we can dive deep, or over 2 x 2.5hr sessions.

We can address any sleep or behaviour concerns you have and/or any relationship concerns, between any family household members.

Value $495

Travel included*

If you live within Casey or Cardinia shire areas travel costs are included.

*If you live outside of these areas, we can discuss travel costs and I can provide a free quote.

Value - $44 approx

Access to private Facebook support group

A great place to find support from other parents as well as helpful resources.

This is lifetime access for as long as you feel this is of value to you.

Value - priceless


You will also have access to various worksheets and ebooks based on areas we identify you want to focus on to support your learning and personal growth.

And email communication also included in price (you won't be charged extra like many companies do for responding to emails). These emails will generally be responded to within 24hrs.

Total Value : $540 approx

Total You Pay : $440