45 minute Distance Reiki Session


What is Reiki good for?

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing, where the reiki practitioner/master sends energy to a recipient, either hands on or by connecting energy fields over any distance.

This energy is received and used by the recipient in a way that is for their highest needs. Our higher self know exactly how to utilise this energy and draws the right amount of energy to the right place......How clever are you!

This energy will then set to work on healing our





selves. You might think you simply want to sleep better, your body and mind know there's more to heal than the physical to make this happen and you may find some surprising results.

To learn more about reiki, check out my blog posts on the topic

What you get

45-60 minute private zoom call


45-60 minute zoom call/phone-call or dedicated time. Energy healing sent with general intention for overall well-being, or can be focused as requested.


Value $165 per session

Total $165

Unlimited emails


We can chat via email any time. If you have any queries before or after your session or if you have a particular area you would like me to focus on during your session.

We will generally respond within 24hrs (usually less) business hours

Value : varies

Average $165

Access to private Facebook support group


A great place to find support from other parents as well as helpful resources.

This is lifetime access for as long as you feel this is of value to you

​Total Value - priceless

Average $165



​Total Value : $495

Total You Pay : $165