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Reiki Healing

Experience the magic of reiki healing energy via zoom, phone or remote.

Rei-ki - Universal energy can transmute time and space and is channeled through the connection established by the practitioner and controlled by the recipients higher self.

A "healer" is simply the hands through which the healing is channeled as they have been attuned to this frequency of energy.


More about Reiki with Kim

Kim has trained as a reiki master and works intuitively to give a guided healing to re-balance your energy fields, calm emotions and lift mood as well as address any physical ailments.

While there can be no promise as to what will shift for you, as you are in control of the energy flow (your higher self knows best), there will be a significant benefit for you.

During your session Kim may be drawn to pull a card or cards for you, or utilise various crystals that may assist in your healing process.

What you will feel during a session will vary from person to person, sometimes even session to session. You may feel warmth, tingling or waves of energy, you may see colours or other visions or you may hear sounds......or you could feel nothing at all during your healing.

To learn more, feel free to reach out via our contact form, or you can


Various daytime hours on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's, as well as some after hours for remote healing.


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