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This is where you come to see what others have asked before, and hopefully you can find some clarity here.

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Can I claim your services under NDIS?

This depends on a few factors

1 - How is your plan managed?

If you are self manged or plan managed then you may be able to claim my services (in part or full). Generally speaking, what you purchase using your funding needs to meet NDIS guidelines ie - being "reasonable and necessary"

If you are NDIS managed then at this stage, unfortunately you won't be able to claim my services at this stage as I am not registered with them directly.

2 - Does this meet your goals?

Is there allowance for parent education/support within your child's ndis budget (this falls under CORE - assistance with daily living)?

If you feel like you would be able to claim (this is a determination you need to self assess or speak to your plan manager about), then you can request an NDIS invoice to be issued and you will have 7 days from the date of invoice for payment to be made (unless otherwise discussed).

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