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Brother and Sister

Together We Grow

Group Mentoring - 5 week program

Next start date Monday 25th October

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Presented and facilitated by
Kim Barrie

Kim is passionate about supporting parents/carers to create and enhance the relationships with their children, and find new ways to connect. After her son was diagnosed autistic, so many of the challenges faced until then started to make sense and Kim went into research mode (adhd brain went down the rabbit hole) and scoured the internet, read books and took various courses. Now that she's found a calm and enlightened way of being (as well as learning some brain facts related to autism and adhd) she wants to share this information with other families to give other children amazing environments to thrive in. Kim's approach is about learning who our children are, what their strengths are and working with this. She doesn't believe we need to fix our children, we just need to love them unconditionally and support them emotionally.

You will also receive a link to our dedicated Facebook group during the program to link in with the other participants. Kim will also monitor and be available to answer questions that may come up between sessions. (group access will remain open for 2 weeks post program)

Gift pack included (value approximately $40) - registering early ensures arrival prior to program start date - not required, but a bonus.

Price: $440 (early bird price $220 - if registered by 14th October)

If you would like to organise a payment plan, please contact Kim to discuss, deposit will be required by 30th September to secure early bird price or prior to start date to attend first session if paying full price.

In this 5 week mentoring program we will cover

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