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A little science lesson explaining how Distance healing works!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Not an easy concept for many to follow. I was inspired by those analytical, scientific minds to find and put together an explanation of the science behind distance healing. This is all a learning experience for me too! I've always just felt it! Butt not everyone is so fortunate, and some people just love science (I love science too, so this will be a fun assignment for me)

What is Energy?

Put as simply as it comes, energy is the capacity for doing work!

There are many types of energy, including (but not limited to) thermal energy, radiant energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, electrical energy, motion energy, sound energy, elastic energy and gravitational energy.

There is also Sound Energy, in the form of sound waves. Sound can be heard, even felt by those sensitive to it. We have had technology for years that has meant we have the capacity to hear sound from another place without needing to be in close proximity to one another, magical hey?

For those in my age group or older (showing my age now) you may remember using a phone that was connected to the wall, imagine if we were told back then, that we could have a device that allowed us to speak to anyone, anywhere and we could do this from anywhere we could get mobile or wifi reception (radio-waves - another form of energy).....CRAZY!

And on the topic of radio-waves, how far can they reach? Well this has a few factors involved, but we can send an email from Australia and it can reach it's destination almost instantaneously.

So, we can send sound and information instantaneously, why not other forms of energy?

Connecting the dots!

Now, you need to understand the basics of how healing energy works and how a person can transfer energy for this to make sense.

Imagine if you will, a "healers" hands being a tool or device for transmitting energy. Everything on this earth is energy, remember "Energy is the capacity to do work". We have used quartz crystals in transistor radios for over a century. We send sound as data to cell towers that then send the information to the receiver.

Understanding energy a little better we can now perhaps see the energetic connections we all have, we are connected to the earth by gravitational energy, the earth radiates such immense energy, with earthquakes and volcanic lava all bubbling below the surface, so much energy and we can harness this energy, the connection that we have to the earth.

Connecting to another person from a distance.

Since, as far as I'm aware, we don't have any equipment that can observe how energy can travel such a distance (at least not from person to person) we can only hypothesize. I could tell you the experiences some of my clients have shared with me (anecdotal evidence) and I can tell you the feeling of being connected to another person on an energetic level, but again, this is my own experience and hey, I could have just made it all up. I haven't made any of it up and I'd love to be able to share the amazing healing energy the universe has to offer so I'll do my best to explain how I feel it works from a scientific point of view.

I feel it's much like how radio waves work, as we are each made up of energy and we can connect on various levels, I believe our brains play a part (ever looked at all the neurons firing up there?) our gut (more neurons in there than our brains....there's a reason why people say to trust your gut!) and our energetic connection to the earth, the universe and our ability to connect to others.

If we close our eyes (not everyone can do this - some people are unable to visualize something in their mind) and imagine being in your favourite holiday spot, can you see, smell and feel anything from here? If so, you've made an energetic connection to a place. If you close your eyes and imagine the sun on your face, can you feel the warmth? If so, you've made an energetic connection to a feeling. If you close your eyes and imagine a loved one who is not in the same room as you, can you imagine their touch, their love for you, their voice? If so, you've made an energetic connection to a person!!!! With that connection, I can send the reiki energy to anyone, anywhere.....all I need to do, is think about them!

As always, happy to answer any questions, being science based a little more, I may need to do a little research to answer some questions.

Sending Energetic hugs to all

Love and Light


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