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Distance reiki for children (big kids too)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Ever wonder how on earth we can give a reiki healing session to a child?

If your children are anything like mine, they're a million miles a minute. As a reiki master, my youngest son has a built-in healer (A mummy who can channel a little healing any time) and I find various opportunities to get my hands on him physically.

Distance healing works a little differently!

Perhaps I can explain a little about what reiki is and how this works as a distance session.

Reiki is an ancient healing modality, it is not a massage, however it is traditionally a hands on activity.

A reiki practitioner or master/teacher has been attuned with symbols that are linked to various aspects of reiki healing.

Anyone can channel healing, and some do so n

aturally without any training, however this is not true reiki (although still very effective in many cases).

Reiki energy (universal energy) is channeled through the practitioner and in to their client, this energy is controlled by the recipient, your body is so smart and knows exactly what it needs and where, even if consciously you may have no idea. Reiki "healers" don't actually heal you! We provide ourselves as a connector to the universe and allow what's meant for you to flow.

A distance session is one conducted with the practitioner and recipient in 2 separate locations, this could be, in the next room, another state, or even the other side of the world.

Distance healing is a difficult concept for many to get their heads around. For anyone who has not experienced some form of energetic connection to another person who they are not in physical contact with making this leap of faith may be scary and many will be skeptical.

I don't want people to part with their hard earned money blindly. I understand the fear that may be causing some to spread misinformation regarding the effectiveness (or in this case it's the ineffectiveness that is spread). I will look in to the science behind energy via distance in another post, I feel there will be so much information it will deserve to be it's own topic.

To get an idea of this on a smaller scale, clap your hands and slowly pull them apart, can you feel the energy? Yes! Play with it, pull your hands further apart and closer together.

As a HSP (highly sensitive person), I can connect to another person, either through communication or a photo of them, and in a state of meditation send reiki energy to them.

During a distance healing session, it's recommended the recipient find as calm and peaceful location as possible and make themselves comfortable and hydrated (never underestimate the healing energy of water). The recipient doesn't need to do anything special, no need to meditate or try to "help" the healing energy in any way.....just let it happen!

Now this is where I tie back in to children and distance reiki! Again you do I get my child to remain calm and still for a session? Make a booking for bedtime, or when they're going to be asleep! They are at their most relaxed wh

en asleep, even the ones who can't lay still in bed (like mine) and can and do, most certainly reap all the benefits.

I often gently lay my hands on my sons head (crown chakra) and tummy (sacral chakra), connecting his higher self and his emotional energy centre to calm the overactive emotions that he feels.

My son is 4 years old, an amazingly beautiful soul a

nd also autistic. He has many wonderful traits and a handful of traits that means he can struggle with emotional regulation and in turn, has sleep issues.

Applying my hands to these areas have seen a shift from waking in tears, and needing to be in our bed some time through the night, to waking and now crawling on to the small mattress we have set up for him and back to sleep. We have also set up his room to be the calmest room in the house, everyone who enters comments on how "zen" the room feels (perhaps that's a topic for another blog).

I hope this helps people to understand a little more about reiki in general and distance healing, I'm also happy to answer any questions below.

Stay true to the magnificence that is you

Love and light


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